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19 June 2013 @ 11:14 pm
Okay it wasn't completely a bad day but I couldn't shake off this particular feeling. I can't seem to point out the exact emotion. It's just there wobbling like an earlobe. We got back our first psych test results and my score was pretty borderline. In any case, I'm glad I didn't fail that paper. Given the fact that it takes me a while to absorb psychology theories, this is already quite something.

ESL was amusing since we did our second peer-reviewing session for classification essays. Have to admit I wasn't doing the best for this round's essay. The dude who was reviewing my essay thought I wasn't relaxed and has this mentality of me being a glass case of emotion. FYI I'm not fragile to that extent so don't you worry. On the other hand, I have to worry about my essay writing skills. I need to stop being lazy with this shit.
29 May 2013 @ 12:52 am
Oh hello it's another Wednesday again. I'm stuck here, not being able to sleep - all thanks to this ESL paragraph nonsense. Not sure if it's because of the long hiatus I took but my writing skills aren't as good as they were and I'm having the worst writer's block ever. Probably not writer's block. Just the result of not writing and reading often could result in this rut.

Everything I'm writing is basically incoherent. It's not a good thing though :|